Professional Development & Production


As our mission says, Epic creates bold work with and for diverse communities that promotes vital discourse and social change.

 “…with and for diverse communities” means that we’re not operating in a vacuum—we partner with particular artists and communities to create experiences that speak to their truths, that empower their voices and illuminate their lens on the world.

Sometimes the work takes us directly into the communities, workplaces, and schools of our audiences; sometimes we produce in the Off-Broadway arena. The focus of our professional productions includes both the development of new work by powerful contemporary voices as well as fresh encounters with classics.

 Whether we’re producing a reading of Dominique Morisseau’s Mend at the United Nations, or creating a new look at the power of political manipulation Off-Broadway with Born With Teeth (a/k/a Shakespeare’sRichard III)—the goals are the same: to engage WITH our audiences to explore social, political, and ethical issues, and to use that engagement to spark action.

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