Human Rights Project: Genocide


Epic Theatre Ensemble, in partnership with the Bronx High School for Writing and Communications Arts, presented the conclusion of the Human Rights Project: Genocide.

During 20 sessions, Epic’s Teaching Artists, work with high-school students developing a 5-minute original play that explores the social impact of historical events associated with human rights. This year, the project focused its attention on the Rwandan, Cambodian and Kurdish genocides.

Research and Analysis

Each student researched and analyzed three sources of information: an article written by a genocide survivor, a scholarly publication, and a piece of external perspective (i.e. political essay and/or news article).

Internalizing historic events

Once the research phase is completed, the students write an original short play exploring the impact of the genocide through their perspective.

On culmination day, professional actors are invited to perform each of the students’ texts. Culmination day becomes a unique opportunity to discuss historical events with an artistic point of view.


The project concludes with an anonymous peer assessment survey, which evaluates the historical accuracy of the texts, the correct inclusion of facts, and storytelling creativity.

Rwanda Genocide

By Shanae Carter and Maria Luz



  1. Mufasa – 13 year old boy
  2. Callie – 7 years old, his younger sister
  3. Fatima- Mother of Mufasa and Callie
  4. Hutu/Jacobi

Scene 1



As we hide for our lives in the church we heard a lot of noise thought they were coming for us but relief it was another survivor who was able to escape and hide. We met and felt happy to help each other as we at I began telling her my encounter.

On this cloudy and humid day the smell of blood is palpable in the air it has been two days I been hiding inside a church with my son. The church is filthy with dead bodies we are hungry bet we are unable to find food as this terrorist all in the area with machetes looking to wipe out my race.

It’s’ getting late and the terrorist still haven’t gone to use the bathroom we haven’t had anything to eat and are very scared my son is weak tired and hungry. I took a chance and left my son in the church hiding under dead bodies while I sneak out to get food while terrorist when to use the bathroom

When I got back to church with some food, I realized that my children were gone. I raise some dead bodies were my children were hidden but when I look for them and they were not there. I felt that my world was going to crumble, the worry and the fear that ran through my head was immense. I did not let Panic and fear beat me. I quickly ran outside In search for my children praying they be alive. I frantically ran through the countryside, the night was approaching and that made me more worried. I was tired I felt that I  was not going to be able to continue, Suddenly i heard a very loud noise that came from a man, I ran and I hid behind a tree I got up a little to see what’s happening I’m shocked to see some of the soldiers hitting my children. My heart sank I did not know what to do. My only thought was to save my kids. I saw The soldier took a machete to kill my children, fear ran through my body but I could not allow my children to die. I grab the first thing I saw a heavy sharp rock smashing the soldier head with head. The soldier fell to the ground, I grab my kids and began hugging them. While my back was turn suddenly I felt the soldier getting getting up and grab my neck to choke me, we started fighting back and forth I was able to push him to the ground and swiftly grab his machete and cut his head off “Cha Cha”.