Laundry City at The Graduate Center


Gentrification, segregation, and inequality in New York City public schools

On, Tuesday, September 26, in partnership with Columbia University’s Teachers College and the CUNY Graduate Center, Epic’s student written play Laundry City was presented to kick off an event to discuss gentrification, segregation, and inequality in New York City public schools. Members of The Public Good Project, a nonprofit organization that directs the power of mass media to solutions for our nation’s most pressing health problems, presented findings from their research on three public schools in urban gentrifying areas of New York City, and their methods to co-construct opportunities for a transformative shift in educators’ and parents’ cross-racial understandings of their schools.



Over 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education, New York City is one of the most segregated school districts in the United States. Conceived, written, and performed by NYC Public High School students, “LAUNDRY CITY” is a hilarious and provocative exploration of what “Separate but Equal” means to us today.

Written by: Olivia Dunbar, Vickandy Figueroa, Jeremiah Green, Melysa Hierro, Davion Osbourne.

Performed by: Miguel Delacruz, Olivia Dunbar, Davion Osbourne, Nashali Perez, Nakkia Smalls.

Directed by: James Wallert.