<p>THE WINNING SIDE explores the hidden history behind America’s 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing, especially that of it’s architect, the former Nazi engineer Wernher von Braun.  Co-commissioned by Epic and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, THE WINNING SIDE tackles difficult questions of political and technological expediency, and what […]</p>
<p>Epic Theatre Ensemble 2017 Annual Report The key message of this report is hope; hope for a new role for theatre as a catalyst for justice in New York City’s neediest communities, hope for stronger and bolder young people entering the workforce, and hope for a vision of artists as […]</p>
<p>Meet Christina Gonzalez Christina is an Epic Alum, who was in the first graduating class of Bronx High School For Writing & Communication Arts (BHSWCA) –one of Epic’s partner schools. After graduating from BHSWCA, she went on to earn a BA in English and Journalism from The City College of […]</p>
<p>You’ve seen them on an off-Broadway stage, in renowned academic conferences, and in many schools and colleges around the U.S. Now, Laundry City continues to spread the discussion on school segregation and equality by taking over the music charts! Here’s Laundry City’s music video world premiere!  About Laundry City […]</p>

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Epic makes theatre that empowers. Epic’s artists are equal parts cyphers and mentors: they create and amaze; they teach and inspire; they translate the struggles of history into lessons for our future; they fight their way into the center of the civic dialogue. We value youth voice deeply, because we share a youthful passion for justice; we believe that theatre that embraces this passion transforms audiences from passive bystanders into active participants forging a more inclusive and collaborative vision of America.

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Epic’s artists challenge the institutional status quo by making theatre radically accessible, engaging thousands of students and first-time audiences in the transformative process of telling their own stories and learning to deeply empathize with those of others. At Epic, this high level of inclusiveness fosters artistic rigor and quality in all of our programs, mirroring the extraordinary professional work we present on our professional stages.

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